Benicia, CA

Position Scope:

An exempt managerial position, under the general direction from the Chief Executive Officer or a designee, will be responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of the organization’s office needs, including the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that facilitate the continuous professional development of team members especially supervisors and emerging leaders. Subsequently will perform a variety of duties related to financials, respite services, collaboration with the regional centers, customer satisfaction, military services, human resources, maintain the reception area, and supervise the day-to-day office operations.

Essential Duties:

  • Assist with recruitment, training, discipline assessments, schedules, direction, termination, supervision, and assist with administrative employee objectives.
  • Assist with providing direction, develop schedules, and evaluate onsite administrative human resources, and respite services employees and recommends staff selections as needed.
  • Maintain ongoing communication (verbal and written) with chief executive officer or designee, department supervisors, coordinators, caseworkers, clients, the regional center, and other departments;
  • As necessary, attend vendor advisory committee and other meetings at the Regional Center.
  • On a weekly basis or as needed, assist with maintaining continuous contact with departmental supervisors.
  • Assists with the assessment and audit of client’s needs, services, and satisfaction surveys; and assists with monitoring compliance issues as established by the agency and the regional center’s policies.
  • Assist with the development, implementation, and training of all employees on new and/or enhanced software programs (e.g. respite system, payroll system, HR system, etc.); assist with training new and existing employees on intake files and other essential processes; assist with assuring employee maintains mandatory training requirements; and assist with tracking all employee certifications are current.
  • Supports the appropriate staff to review and maintain client intake packet, evaluation packet is updated annually and required forms are completed, adjusted and signed by the appropriate parties.
  • Supports the collection and accuracy of data pertaining to new and/or amended contracts, terminations, and inactive clients have been accurately entered.
  • Assists with the completion of the referral statistic report and any other related respite services & human services recruitment reports.
  • Responsible for receiving, organizing and systematically disseminating all respite timesheets within a timely manner.
  • Assist with following up on the client/respite workers unreported respite hours ensuring “Partial Service” or “No Service” is identified and reported appropriately.
  • Assist with the recruitment of new consumers from Regional Center; ensuring client retention.
  • Assist with relaying to the supervisor or designee any concerns, issues, discrepancies, and accuracy of information presented by clients, parents, employees, community members, and the Regional Center in a timely manner.
  • Assist with setting up training opportunities for new and existing employees on client files and other essential processes; assist with tracking mandatory training requirements and all employee certifications.
  • Assist with requesting purchases and control of equipment, supplies, and materials during the absence of the chief executive officer or designee or when called upon.
  • Assist with the collection of fees and distribution of checks as needed by the fiscal department.
  • Ability to receive training and become CPR/first aid certified as an instructor and provide classes to parents and providers; agency will provide training.
  • Ability to function appropriately with the designated respite system & any other related payroll/billing system; ensuring client/program service-related information is entered and maintained accurately.
  • Continuously strive to provide excellent customer service, interpersonal communication, and serve as a source of accurate information.

Supervisory Requirements:

  • Assist supervisors by communicating corporate expectations of performance and accountability to onsite employees.
  • Assist supervisors by communicating concise, evident, achievable and timely performance outcomes.
  • Assist with ensuring that employees receive the appropriate training and are provided the necessary tools to succeed.
  • Assist with fostering a cooperative and harmonious working environment to maximize employee morale and productivity.

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