Benicia, CA
Salary: $15.15 /hour

Position Scope:

A non-exemptposition, under general direction from the Human Resources Supervisor or otherdesignee, will perform a variety of human resource-related duties assigned to recruitment,payroll, internal communication, discipline, performance evaluations, separations,employee orientation, reviewing and assisting with policy and employmentcompliance issues along with other duties as assigned.

Essential Duties:

1. Assists with the recruitment, interviewsand the selection of applicants for current positions; accurately screens allapplicants; checks all references; and assures all hired employees can meetemployment obligations (e.g. valid California Driver’s License, currentinsurance, DMV report, CPR/First Aid, Live Scans, etc.).

2. Will conduct all employee orientationsand administrative exit interviews in a timely manner.

3. Assists with periodic and annualpresentations on the organization’s health insurance package, 403b and otherassociated benefits; maintains, organizes and distributes all enrollment forms;and will maintain and distribute an ample supply of benefits forms, packets andvideos.

4. Ability to enter, retrieve and maintainpersonnel data in a timely manner; aptitude for generating and interpretingreports.

5. Reviews and distributes employeehandbooks to administrative staff.

6. Responsible for consistently reviewingand maintaining employee files assuring all personnel transactions areaccurately entered, completed and documented in a timely manner.

7. Will process all PANs and performanceevaluations in an accurate and timely manner.

8. Systematically review and auditemployee certifications (e.g. CPR/First Aid, Driver’s Licenses, AutomotiveInsurance, etc.) notifying and admonishing employees of any lapsed timeframes.

9. Accurately create, generate anddistribute labor turn-over reports on a timely basis.

10. Maintain ongoing communication with employees,other departments and the regional center.

11. Will receive and review “inactive list”of respite workers, for payroll purposes; will be responsible for deactivatingall respite workers after an established inactive timeframe.

12. Compile and resolve employee incidentreports; assist with the investigation and resolution of all employeecomplaints/grievances; and will keep abreast of ongoing laws and employmentlegislation.

13. Systematically will schedule and offerperiodic mandatory training to all employees (e.g. harassment, IIPP, SDS,safety, etc.); will maintain attendance rosters, and will track “traininghistories” for each employee.

14. Assigned as the onsite safety officerresponsible for investigating work-related accidents, compiling and forwardingCal-OSHA reports, conduct monthly safety meetings, respond immediately to allCal-OSHA complaints and inquiries will conduct safety inspections on a timelybasis and will assure that all employees are working in a safe, hazard-freeworking environment.

15. Responsible for all federal, state andCal-OSHA posters to be displayed in a general area.

16. Will be knowledgeable in generalemployment law: including payroll administration, EEO, DFEH, AffirmativeAction, Cal-OSHA, ADA, FLMA and other state and federal requirements.

17. Whenever contacted, will immediatelyrespond and accurately process all EDD claims within the required timeframe;may attend hearings on appeals as necessary.

18. Coordinate and resolve all worker’scompensation issues; will maintain separate confidential files for all worker’scompensation claims; will log all injuries and loss of time; will maintain arecord of injuries using form OSHA No. 300; and will be knowledgeable andadhere to other guidelines required by Cal-OSHA.

19. Continuously strive to provideexcellent customer service, interpersonal communication and serve as a sourceof accurate information.

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