Benicia, CA

Position Scope:

An exemptmanagerial position, under the general direction from the Chief ExecutiveOfficer or their designee will be responsible for managing and supporting theassessment of the organization’s office needs, including the design,implementation and evaluation of programs that facilitate the continuousprofessional development of team members especially supervisors and emergingleaders. Subsequently will perform a variety of duties related to billing,payroll, respite service programs, working directly with the regional centers,customer satisfaction, and human resources maintaining the reception area andsupervising the day-to-day office operations.


1. Responsible for recruitment, training, evaluation, disciplining,rewarding, promoting, assessing, scheduling, directing, terminating,supervising and leading administrative employees; establish employeeperformance objective; and maintain accurate and compliant personnel files.

2. Maintain ongoing communication (verbal and written) with consumer recruitment specialist, respite programcoordinator, caseworkers, clients, the regional center and other departments;maintains continuous contact with departmental supervisors and managers;assesses and audits client needs, services and satisfaction surveys; monitorscompliance issues as established by the agency and the regional center’s policies.

3. Consistently strive to expand existing or acquire new services; provideongoing communication with the regional center; evaluate, asses and developservices derived from other resources; serves as a liaison between departmentswithin the organization and the regional center.

4. Ensures the Program Designis maintained and periodically updated.

5. Responsible for the development, implementation, and training of allemployees on new and/or enhanced software programs (e.g. Respite system, payrollsystem, HR system, etc.); train new and existing employees on client files andother essential processes, assuring that employee have maintained mandatorytraining requirements; assure that all employee certifications are current.

6. Supervise the verification of all client authorizations; forwardauthorizations to human resources for activation; accurately update thevendor’s list.

7. Supervise all data pertaining to new and/or amended contracts,terminations and inactive clients have been accurately entered; and theaccuracy of the periodically generated clientlist; ensure the completion of the referral statistic report and any otherrelated Respite Services & Respite Recruitment Department reports.

8. Ensure appropriate direction is given to the appropriate staff toconsistently review, input and confirm data of all new intakes; review andmaintain client files assuring all contracts are current, evaluation packetsare updated annually, required forms are completed, adjusted and signed by theappropriate parties; will periodically review client files for quality and accuracy.

9. Supervise the follow up on unreported respite hours, ensuring “Partial Service” or “No Service” is identifiedand reported appropriately.

10.Attend quarterly vendor meetings at the Regional Center; ability todisseminate accurate and reliable information from the Regional Center tostaff, human resources and to the Chief Executive Officer.

11.Responsible for the receipt, organization, and dissemination of allrespite timesheets to the administration office within a timely manner;ensuring all timesheet corrections are corrected, followed-up and processedappropriately; verify & attach paystubs to all respite timesheets; abilityto distribute payroll checks during the corresponding pay dates and responsiblefor the completion of payroll checksign-off sheets.

12. Manages and reviews the”on-call” program.

13.Possess the ability to resolve concerns or issues presented by clients,parents, employees, community members and the Regional Center in a timelymanner; Strategically assess, identify and improve any department-relatedissues; assure all related reports/communications are delivered in an accurateand timely manner.

14.Responsible for organizing, scheduling and administering quarterly respite meetings.

15.Responsible for creating the appropriate environment for the receptionarea and general office setting; ability to answer, receive and direct multiplephone lines; and has the ability to receive and direct accurate communication(bilingual); while assuring that thefront staff is professional, resourceful and customer-oriented.

16.Will assist in all aspects of the branch office’s CPR/First Aidprogram; accurately maintainsschedules, training sessions, attendance sheets and required documentation forthe CPR/First Aid program.

17.Direct, schedule and evaluate onsite human resources, respite services, and administrative departments and employees; recommends office staffselections as needed.

18.Manage all incoming mail; ensure all mail is forwarded to the appropriate department and/or employee ina timely manner.

19. Directs and supervises thejanitorial service provider in an efficientmanner.

20.Responsible for the distribution and analysis of client surveys on aperiodic basis in accordance with Title 17 regulations and to assure the clientoutcomes are being met; may conduct follow-up calls to clients to discuss theirneeds, problems, etc.

21. Supervisethe dissemination of information to employees pertaining to benefit plans,healthcare, workman’s compensation, Injury & Illness Prevention Plan(IIPP), Family Medical LeaveAct, employee rights/management rights, interpret

policy and otherbusiness-related processes; will assist in scheduling and providing newemployee orientations, whenever required.

22.Will be knowledgeable in general employment law: including payrolladministration, EEO, DFEH, Affirmative Action, Cal-OSHA, ADA, FMLA, and otherstate and federal requirements.

23.Review, amend and/or create departmental policies within theaccounting, billing, payroll, humanresources and respite service areas of the organization.

24. Responsible for purchasingand control of equipment, supplies, and materials.

25.Ability to function appropriately with the designated respite system andany other related payroll/billingsystem; ensuring HR/client/program service-related information is entered andmaintained accurately.

26.Continuously strive to provide excellent customer service,interpersonal communication and serve as a source of accurate information.

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